What We’ve Been Up To Recently

What We’ve Been Up To Recently

The CiNCO team have been very busy as of late, and we wanted to share some of our exciting progress with you! From research and development to education, and staying committed to our sustainability efforts, we have set goals to level up into 2023 and we’re off to a very productive start. We’ve poured a lot of time, sweat, and love into these projects and we can’t wait for you to learn what we’ve been keeping busy with… 

 A photo of owner Kendall out the front of luxury hair salon CiNCO Hair Boutique

Owner Kendall Drake has always wanted to build on the CiNCO offering and create a product range that extended beyond the salon. She spent many years researching different products and fine tuning them to perfection, and finally, BY CiNCO was ready to be introduced to the world! With By CiNCO, we’ve designed a really versatile collection of different products in this collection because we know that there’s not a one size fits all approach to hair care. That’s why BY CiNCO has all of your essentials - from brushes and rollers to heated styling tools that will become must-haves in your beauty drawer. Use the styling wand for your Friday night blow waves, the rollers in your fringe before you get ready for work or pop one of the lightweight combs into your gym bag. No matter what type of look you are hoping to achieve, we’ve managed to make styling effortless as ever with this brand new range of our very own branded goodies. 

Want to shop the range? Time to meet BY CiNCO. 

A photo of the best hair styling tools BY CiNCO

We haven’t just been researching new products, our trend research has been off the charts! We’ve been keeping busy staying up to date with the latest training techniques in our salon so we can continually deliver the best possible service for our lovely customers like you. This has looked like additional education, such as colouring, styling and cutting courses and keeping up to date with industry leaders from Paris Fashion Week. We’ve also grown our team of talented stylists, and have had all members in our existing team upskill in their roles and positions to ensure they are making career progression in the hair industry. 

A photo of the team of hair stylists at CiNCO Hair Boutique in Vasse

We’re extremely proud to have such a fab team of talented hair stylists who also care about giving back! Because for us, it’s not just about hair but about the greater impact we can make on the world and community around us. That’s why at CiNCO, we regularly make it our mission to partner with local charities and community groups to give back as much as we possibly can. One of our frequent activities over the last few years has been planting trees locally in order to offset our carbon footprint. This is of the utmost importance to us as a sustainable salon, as we know the importance of making changes where we can to combat the growing realities of climate change. That’s why we also have a compost for food scraps and a worm farm off site for our salon too!

A photo of sustainable hair salon CiNCO Hair Boutique planting trees for the environment

But it doesn’t stop there - we also recently ran a fundraiser for the McGrath Foundation! If you weren’t already aware, CiNCO has an ongoing partnership with this incredible foundation who raise money and provide invaluable support and care to women and men experiencing breast cancer. This is a cause very near and dear to our hearts, which is why we love to use our platform to bring further awareness and fundraising to help facilitate their wonderful initiatives. Our hamper which people bought raffle tickets for, with all proceeds going towards the McGrath Foundation and raised money towards the charity. 

And of course, you will absolutely be seeing us compete in the Australian Hair and Fashion Awards and the Australian Hair Industry Awards too. Last year, we were finalists in these TWO national awards, which has only given us motivation to continue to progress in supporting our team and as a business so we can be the very best CiNCO we can be. 

A photo of CiNCO Hair Boutique salon where they do the best hair cuts, treatments and colours.

It’s going to be a very exciting year ahead! We look forward to having you join us. To stay up to date with all the latest CiNCO news, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get 10% off your first CiNCO purchase.

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